What we stand for


Quality Jobs. Our established network of clients range from large corporations to IT Service Providers, the common link between our customers is they all offer quality roles. We only recruit roles that we’re proud to present to the market.

Quality People. Our honest and genuine approach has enabled us to establish a loyal network of candidates. Many of whom we have successfully placed, in multiple positions, over the last 14 years.


Integral to our success is our refreshing and down to earth communication style. We are best known for our genuine approach and our ability to ask the right questions to thoroughly understand you.

Understanding of our clients. We know more than a job description will tell you. We can tell you about projects, personalities and other intricacies of working for a company that you won’t find on a job description.

Understanding of our people. We focus on discovering the true motivators of each person as much as their skills. Our interview process is disarming and enjoyable, we communicate at a real and human level.


No nonsense. We’re transparent, honest and real. We respect your time and your confidentiality. Every candidate that meets us receives feedback – no exceptions. We set high standards for ourselves and keep our promises.

We don’t oversell. We will give you the full story about a role or a candidate. We chose relationships and reputation over quick wins.

Knowledge. Being a boutique-sized agency you will be working with a Director level consultant, ensuring you receive the highest level of knowledge and experience.

Career advice. We can tell you which technologies and skills are in demand, which certifications will be most beneficial, who’s hiring and how much you should be earning.

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